I know exactly what I'm going to do.

We feel bad for them.

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Jan doesn't like speaking French.

I'm really not good at that kind of thing.

This red sweater is cheaper than the blue one.

I'm not disputing that.

Hazel has stopped coming to school.

The first baseman is the Achilles heel of our team.

I would never go there.

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I needed to see you.


You may call him a fool, but you cannot call him a coward.

You're here, aren't you?

Ted gave this to me.

Why is open source such a sausage fest?

Let Mason in.


Jocelyn Bell was born in 1943 in Northern Ireland. Her father was an architect who loved to read. Jocelyn would often borrow her father's books. Through her reading, Jocelyn became interested in astronomy.

They've still got Jimmy.

How should this sentence be interpreted?

In the Chinese football game in which the players used their feet and bodies - but never their hands - the goal was a hole in a net made from silk.

You must be mindful of your family responsibilities.

That isn't really the point.

I do not like to share my ice cream with you.

I think you're going to want to sit down.

Rex lives in the house where he was born.


He was very kind.

Why does the name Peter Jackson sound so familiar?

I'm not like anybody else.

To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.

Brooke says Hilda keeps hanging up on him.

I tried to convince them.

He miraculously survived.


We can talk about this some other time.

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Society must do away with laws which cause racial discrimination.

Slartibartfast advised caution.

She says she will come.


Horst is a good swimmer.

We are made to make mistakes.

Regarding my salary, have you thought about the increase I asked for?

Have you ever been to Venice?

Why are you all here?

How can we prove it?

Are you aware of the time, Love?

This children's story is easy enough for a seven-year-old child to read.

I want to see this.

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I don't think he'll listen to you.


Real is very angry now.

Progress is a lovely word. But its driving force is change, and change has its enemies.

I wonder why Wade is so busy.

Isabelle has been doing much better recently.

He came to Japan as a child.

Could you save this dress for me?

I have a respect for those who went before me.


For the elderly, wounds take more time to heal.


I want you to forget everything you saw today.

I like a garden tree.

The fraud goes on.

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Please add a period at the end of your sentence.

At what time would you be able to come to us tomorrow?

Did you ever call him?

Neville and Vic were watching television when I got home.

She's losing her looks.

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Patrick seems to like Japanese food.


He carried on working from morning till night.

They aren't telling us the truth.

How can we expect another to keep our secret if we have been unable to keep it ourselves?

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The problems are inherent in this system.

Elric knew our names.

He's finished every task he's ever taken up.

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You went to Boston, right?

What is bred in the bone will come out in the blood.

Top among suitable topics is the weather.

Thanks for taking care of the kids.

Say you understand me.

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We're embarrassing ourselves.

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They can't tell us what to do.

He spent a few months wandering around Europe.

I had a happy childhood.


The newspaper boy delivers newspapers no matter what the weather is like.


We must help each other, it's nature's law.

They couldn't decide whether to go to the mountains or the sea.

It grew larger and larger.

Is that all you ever think about?

Charles doesn't go fishing as much as he used to.

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I went to the same school as Nguyen.

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Paul stood frozen.

The boy threw a stone at the dog.

Last month I officially divorced my wife.


A drop of sweat ran down Gregory's back.

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She loves chasing mice, and it's a far more natural way to die.

No, thank you. I already ate.

It's not too hard.

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We suffered a lot.


Chris brought her a present and bravely gave it to her.

Swamy was caught joyriding in a stolen vehicle.

Spencer used to drink beer.

I don't ordinarily do this.

It's Teri's group.

Scientists believe that the particles in Saturn's rings came from the destruction of moons circling the planet. As comets and meteorites smashed the moons, Saturn's gravitational pull shaped the particles into rings.

The small boy was Tango's only friend.


Do you think Joseph will graduate this year?

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They clamored emphatically against the nuclear tests.

Eddy wears a tie to work.

Lenny is something of a musician.


We're going to need to clean out this room.

It's a fable.

What...for real?

I've got to get back to the office by 2:30.

Jeannie can't buy what he wants to buy because he doesn't have enough money.

I have never aimed at a bear with my rifle.

I advised Julius not to do that.

Please bring it back tomorrow.

A teacher is sitting among the pupils.

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I hate myself sometimes.

Our mother bought us a puppy.

I need to get a stamp.

One can no more write good English than one can compose good music, merely by keeping the rules.

You won't make it!

I don't read any of the messages that Panos sends me.

Micheal was here this morning.

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Do you want to eat now or not?

I heard the news through the grapevine.

All the early flowers were bitten by the frost.

He was killed in the avalanche.

We got many grapes.

I just got a weird message from Panzer.

Sometimes bad things happen.

Marty began to get very angry.

Violence increased soon afterward.

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There are many masterpiece words in that language Lojban.


I used to tell people I knew how to speak French.

They should never play foul.

Only give your opinion when it is requested.


A prudent question is one-half of wisdom.

Send a telegram!

No problem is insurmountable.


I'll miss you too.

Can you believe Theodore is still only thirteen?

I thought she was my friend.

I need to protect myself.

In order to progress the project smoothly, we have revised the plan several times.

It's basically the same thing.

Warn Les.


Did Michelle go home?

I want to build a house here.

Ow! Yukiko! That hurts! Quit hitting me with your fists!

Their job is to calculate salaries.

I've got someone here you might want to talk to.

This would be how my boyfriend is.

I told you Mikey wouldn't let us down.

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Let's get at the root of the matter.

To my mind, it was his mistake.

Alone in this world I'll be.

He warned the children against playing in the street.

We don't have much choice.

Excuse me, I have to make some changes on my sentence.

Bruce and I have both been very busy.


That's what we anticipate will happen.

They ran upstairs.

I'm going to speak to Jun.

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Sorry for your loss.